Excavation in Mount Pleasant, PA, for Utility Line Work

5 Star Plumbing Inc. is Licensed and Insured for Excavation Work

5 Star Plumbing Inc. offers excavation in Mount Pleasant, PA, and the Mon Valley. Licensed and insured, our plumbers have earned the trust of local home and business owners to provide fast and efficient services without sacrificing quality. When your gas line, water line, or sewer line needs repaired or replaced, give us a call at (724) 366-8096. We will get to your business as soon as possible to provide immediate repair and get you back up and running. We also offer municipal services.

Call for a Free Estimate on Excavation

Call for a Free Estimate on Excavation

When it comes to gas, water, and sewer lines, any problems should not be ignored. Leaks and sewer clogs can create a hazard to the health of those in the area, along with causing damage to property and the environment. 5 Star Plumbing Inc. is here to provide utility line replacement and repair to the Mount Pleasant, PA, area. We have the proper equipment to provide excavation and plumbing services, so there is no need to hire multiple companies to get the job done. We also offer drain inspections if you believe that there could be a clog, saving time and money by avoiding the initial dig.

Contact Our Plumbers 24/7 for Emergency Service in Mount Pleasant, PA

5 Star Plumbing Inc. offers 24/7 emergency plumbing and excavation service to Mount Pleasant, PA, and the surrounding areas. We are available to residential and commercial clients to keep all plumbing systems and utility lines in working order. If your current lines are old and dated, consider laying new lines to meet current standards and limit the chance of leaks or damage. Contact us today for line-related excavation in Mount Pleasant, PA.